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Mom! I'm in an emergency situation
Pier, 17th year old, went to Vika's house to work in groups for PT when suddenly she dropped her phone, and call her mother then
P: dial *123*1000#, then choose 'paket nelfon'
"bun, hp aku rusak parah!" *half panic*
B: "kenapa?"
P: "parah banget, gabisa di apa-apain"
B: "bukan itu, kenapa masih bisa nelfon"
P: "*hening* ya, gitulah, jadi gimana bun? beliin hp baru"
B: "pake dulu yang ada aja deh dirumah, bunda lagi kere"
P: "tapi nanti dibeliin yg baru?"
B: "kalo udah ga kere"
P: "beneran?"
B: "iya"
P: "kalo terus-terusan kere?"
B: "ya doain dong biar ga kere, yaudah jgn bawel, ntar pulsanya abis"
*end of conversation*
P.S I didn't get a new phone actually -_- *meratapi hp*